[darwinbuild] how to build the Security project?

Ben Zhu Ben at tricipher.com
Thu Nov 17 11:29:53 PST 2005


1. To build the libsecurity_keychain, I ran

    # darwinbuild libsecurity_keychain

    I got an error:
    CoreFoundation/CFNotificationCenter.h: No such file or directory.

    Try to solve this problem, I ran

    # darwinbuild CF

    I still got errors.

    Do I need to set up the header file environment first or I need to
    Some patch file?

2. To build the IOUSBMassStorageClass, I ran

    # darwinbuild IOUSBMassStorageClass

    I got an error:
    IOKit/scsi-commands/IOSCSIProtocolServices.h: No such file or

To run darwinbuild on a project, is there a general rule to follow? I
If a build failed due to the build order, I can easily to figure out
what I should do.

Thanks a lot,

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