[darwinbuild] booting xnu 8G32

Mark Pauley mpauley at mac.com
Thu Feb 2 11:47:33 PST 2006

Perhaps check the permissions on the Extensions.mkext.  Honestly, I  
would just touch /System/Library/Extensions, but it sounds like you're  
not even getting to that point.

Are you running on ppc?  You could try thinning the kernel, but the  
booter shouldn't care about what architectures are present.  My guess  
is still that either the booter isn't being loaded properly or the  
booter can't load the kernel.

Make sure to always use the ditto command when merging roots into your  
system, it will preserve permissions and resources etc.


On Feb 2, 2006, at 11:19 AM, ritchie wrote:

> On 06-02-06, at 1459 , Mark Pauley wrote:
>> Hm, typically when I can't even get to the verbose logging I find  
>> that the issue is that the booter can't even find either the kernel  
>> or the kextcache.  There shouldn't be any permissions issues at  
>> that stage, but generally booter + kernel + gets you to verbose  
>> output and then kext_cache is just about the first thing loaded  
>> once the kernel takes over.  Perhaps the issue is that the kernel  
>> failed to load?
> I was thought about that, and was wondering if I needed to update  
> BootX to handle a universal binary, but that doesn't explain why the  
> ppc-only kernel doesn't boot, either. I will fiddle more with the  
> kextcache stuff after lunch. I built BootX, but am not exactly sure  
> what to do with the files it produces.
> I was careful to put the kernel back into the wheel group after  
> copying it to /, since it seems to get changed to root,admin in the  
> copying process. any other gotchas I should look for?
> best,
> r.
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