[darwinbuild] booting xnu 8G32

Markus Hitter mah at jump-ing.de
Thu Feb 2 13:09:51 PST 2006

Am 02.02.2006 um 19:59 schrieb Mark Pauley:

> Hm, typically when I can't even get to the verbose logging [...]

The BootX coming with XPostFacto logs messages even before the kernel  
gets loaded if you hold down cmd-v at the boot chime. Dunno wether  
the standard BootX supports that.

> [...] I find that the issue is that the booter can't even find  
> either the kernel or the kextcache.  There shouldn't be any  
> permissions issues at that stage

To my experience, wrong ownership or permissions prevent the kernel  
from being loaded. Security risk blah blah ... ;-)

> [...] then kext_cache is just about the first thing loaded once the  
> kernel takes over.

To avoid trouble here, I usually simply remove the kext-cache:

	sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext


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