[darwinbuild] booting xnu 8G32

Shantonu Sen ssen at opendarwin.org
Thu Feb 2 15:22:42 PST 2006

Did you use the OS picker (by holding option) to select the FW drive?  
If so, the problem is that your boot-device and boot-file are point  
at different physical devices

Use Startup Disk to pick the FW drive, boot from it once  
successfully, then run the script to change your kernel


On Feb 2, 2006, at 3:17 PM, ritchie wrote:

> On 06-02-06, at 1824 , Shantonu Sen wrote:
>> What's the output of "nvram -p" after you run this kswap script?
> the boot-file variable is:
> first-boot/@0:3,mach_kernel.orig
> I was also booting off a fw disk, in which case the fw disk address  
> was a big long mess. I read that some machines don't like the @0:#,  
> instead requiring @0:0, but I'm not sure that makes sense for this  
> particular case, since it's being copied directly from the boot- 
> device variable:
> first-boot/@0:3,\\:tbxi
> perhaps boot-file needs to have some \'s or /'s preceding the  
> filename? I haven't been able to find much info at all on the  
> particulars of boot-file and different machines/os's. it seems like  
> it's just a handy place to pass some info to the boot-loader, so  
> perhaps I need to go diving in BootX? for now just copying my new  
> kernel onto /mach_kernel and keeping a rescue os on a fw disk seems  
> like a decent method.
>> In any event, be wary of shell scripts downloaded from the  
>> internet. ;-)
> true enough. doesn't almost all of darwinbuild fall into that  
> category? :)
> best regards,
> r.
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