[darwinbuild] Custom flags and PB Projects

Graham J Lee leeg at teaching.physics.ox.ac.uk
Thu Feb 9 07:41:30 PST 2006

On 9 Feb 2006, at 15:32, Shantonu Sen wrote:

> darwinbuild creates a symboled version by default. Look in the  
> "Symbols" directory at the top level of your build area. It should  
> have something like:
> [ssen at stargate]$ nm -ap Symbols/bootp/bootpd  | grep SO |  grep  
> bootp | head
> 00002288 - 01 0000    SO /SourceCache/bootp/bootp-133.6/bootpd.tproj/
> 00002288 - 01 0000    SO bootpd.m
> 00000000 - 00 0000   SOL bootpd.m
> 00000000 - 00 0000   SOL bootpd.m
> 00000000 - 00 0000   SOL ../bootplib/netinfo.h
> -g is the same as -ggdb on Mac OS X. What you are most likely  
> seeing is the fact that after linking, the final product is  
> stripped and a copy of the *un*stripped binary put in the SYMROOT.

Oh, you're right, I was looking in Roots/bootp/bootp-133.6.root~X/  
not Symbols/...  Thanks for that :-)

> Where are you modifying the source? To build modified source, untar  
> the source directory in Sources/, make your changes there, and then  
> re-run darwinbuild

Yup, that's what I'm doing.  But changes in Makefile.postamble don't  
appear to be honoured (that or I'm modifying the wrong variables,  
which is always a possibility).  I've checked both by running  
darwinbuild, and just by invoking make in Sources/bootp-133.6 and  
apart from the fact that the second attempt dies anyway, they both  
produce the same cc invocations (without my custom flags).

I've since tracked down my crash with good ol' fprintf() anyway, but  
thanks for the pointers.



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