[MacRuby-devel] Looking for feedback on a draft blog post: Optimising Table Views With MacRuby

isaac kearse isaackearse at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 16:05:41 PST 2010

Thanks Chuck,

Syntax errors corrected.

You're probably right about the title.  This post started with a larger
scope but I soon realised if I didn't cut it short I'd never finish it :)


On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 11:53 AM, Chuck Remes <cremes.devlist at mac.com>wrote:

> On Jan 10, 2010, at 4:00 PM, isaac kearse wrote:
> > Hey Guys,
> >
> > http://isaac.kearse.co.nz/draft/
> >
> > Looking for any and all feedback: technical, writing, whatever...
> Good write-up. A couple of syntax errors.
> "The I construct a NSURL"
> Should be "Then"
> Asynchronous NSURLConnections:
> The approach I’ll use here is to the load the system-provided
> Drop the extra "the" in front of load.
> In your final code listing, the constructor has "bigger = href" but neither
> variable is ever used in that method.
> I don't think I would title the post as you have. You are optimizing a
> little bit by moving to an asynchronous picture load, but that isn't
> necessarily a common event for table views. Maybe call it "Asynchronous
> Table View Loading With MacRuby." That pretty much gets to the heart of it.
> cr
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