[MacRuby-devel] Keep getting signature error on submission to mac app store

Daniel Westendorf daniel at prowestech.com
Mon Jun 13 15:47:21 PDT 2011

There may be a better way to do this, or it may be a bug, but I found
this fixed the issue for me when I encountered it.

1. Create you application Archive
2. Navigate into the Archive and find your Application .app bundle in Terminal
3. Execute the following command: codesign -f -s "3rd Party Mac
Developer Application: My Name" MyApp.app/
4. Upload as normal from Organizer.

Hope this helps.


On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 9:01 AM, azzzz at gmx.net <azzzz at gmx.net> wrote:
> Anyone got a step-by-step showing us how to submit an app to the Mac app
> store? I'm able to submit my app, but I get an email saying:
> -----
> Invalid Signature - This error occurs when you have signed your app's
> installer incorrectly. There are two certs required for this process: the
> "3rd Party Mac Developer Application" cert and the "3rd Party Mac Developer
> Installer" cert. When signing your package, you need to ensure that you are
> using the Installer cert to sign your package. Ensure that you are
> specifying this cert when submitting your app via the Xcode Organizer or
> when running productbuild from the command line.
> ----
> I have downloaded my two certificates, and I have done:
> - Projects > targets > build > code signing > 3rd Party Mac Developer
> Application:
> - Then when I go to archive and it opens up Organizer I go to submit I
> select the '3rd Party Mac Installer' key.
> But it still fails :(
> I followed this
> guide http://redwoodapp.posterous.com/macruby-and-xcode-4-build-a-self-contained-ma
> when I first set my app up as I thought we needed to do that if we're using
> MacRuby, but is it adding to or causing this problem?
> Anyone successfully submitted an app? How did you do it!? :p
> Any help appreciated - I'm pulling my hair out here :(
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