[MacRuby-devel] Rspec Stopped Running Under Macruby

Mark Rada mrada at marketcircle.com
Fri May 20 12:07:24 PDT 2011

Rspec 2.6 works on the macruby nightly builds.

Load times are partly due to rubygems being very slow on MacRuby and rspec being split into 4 gems (plus one other external gem).

The other problem is that you have to JIT all the code at run time; you should be able to cut the load time in half by compiling rspec and its dependencies, but that has a couple of caveats right now, you can read more about it in the README for my rubygems plugin:


Also, there are a couple of issues in the macruby trac related to slow gem loading time. You may wish to add a comment there about rspec.

Mark Rada
mrada at marketcircle.com

On 2011-05-20, at 2:50 PM, Shannon Love wrote:

> Christian,
> Reverting to Rspec 2.5 allowed rspec to run under macruby (so far.) However, it is extremely slow compared to running under system ruby. it takes 10+ seconds to run just an empty test and pegs out one of my cores to do so. 
> Macruby should run faster than the system ruby 1.8.7 so I think I've still got a Macruby problem somewhere. Guess I need to do another post. 
> Thanks,
> Shannon
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