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Pelle Johansson morth at morth.org
Mon Feb 11 09:51:44 PST 2008

The sizing stuff is all done in the autosizing box in the inspector,  
under the "view size" tab.

Looks like you want to lock the scroll view in all directions, and  
allow it to resize. That's done by making all the lines solid red  
(lock in all directions, allow resize). For the buttons you want to  
disable resizing and lock them either to top right or bottom right, so  
unmark the lines with arrows, and let the right and either top or  
bottom locks be marked.

You might also want to set the window minimum size to something  
appropriate (click the window title to edit the window properties in  
the inspector).

For the disabling, I'm not as sure. I'm afraid I haven't used  
Interface Builder the last few OS X releases. You might have to do it  
in the -awakeFromNib: function, using outlets.

If you're confused, I attached the new version. :) (I hope the mailing  
list accepts attachments)
Pelle Johansson
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11 feb 2008 kl. 03.40 skrev Jeremy Huddleston:

> I just pushed some updates to xorg-server git relating to the NIB  
> file.  I converted them to 3.x format, fixed up the X11Controller.h  
> header file, and added an option for the quartz-wm click-through  
> (won't actually work until quartz-wm uses org.x.X11 instead of  
> com.apple.x11).
> I'm having a bit of trouble with interface builder that hopefully  
> someone else can help me out with.
> I'm used to using QT's Designer for interface building, and I can't  
> figure out how to manage the layout like I want.  The issue is with  
> the Applications->Customize window.  If you make it really big or  
> really small, it doesn't behave logically: buttons collide with  
> eachother instead of resizing, buttons shrink when there is room to  
> expand, etc...
> Also, is there a way in Interface Builder to set items as inactive  
> (like the fullscreen checkbox / 256 color option), or is that  
> something that can only be done programatically?
> Thanks in advance,
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