[Xquartz-dev] GLX Updates in 2.4.0_aplha2

robert delius royar x11 at frinabulax.org
Wed Jan 28 15:31:27 PST 2009

After installing 2.4.0_alpha2 I found that changes set in ~/.Xmodmap to 
swap CMD and Opt/Alt do not take effect when xmodmap is loaded from the 
/bin/sh script that is set as the app_to_run.  However, other 
commands/values from that file do take effect.  If after the script the 
completes, I run '/usr/X11/bin/xmodmap /Users/royar/.Xmodmap', all of 
the processes currently running then see the keys set the way xmodmap 
sets them.  The values remain correct until the X session ends.

Dr. Robert Delius Royar
Sent from an Eee PC

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