[Xquartz-dev] app_to_run not working in recent 1.4 server

Martin Otte otte at duke.edu
Fri Oct 2 08:53:24 PDT 2009

I compiled the latest 1.4 servers on snow leopard since they contain  
some fixes over the apple installed server. The server starts fine by  
either double-clicking it or by executing an application that uses the  
X server.

The only thing that doesn't work (in the apple48 and apple49 servers)  
is that the app listed in the app_to_run no longer runs. I have  
app_to_run set as an xterm so that I have a terminal when the server  
starts. In bundle-main.c:

     if(argc == 1 || (argc == 2 && !strncmp(argv[1], "-psn_", 5))) {
         /* Now, try to open a display, if so, run the launcher */
         display = XOpenDisplay(NULL);
         if(display) {
             /* Could open the display, start the launcher */

             return execute(command_from_prefs("app_to_run",  

The XOpenDisplay call is returning a null display, so the app_to_run  
is never run. Is this the only place where the app_to_run is executed  

I don't know if this works with the latest 1.5 server because I  
haven't upgraded the necessary X11 protos to compile the server.

I probably should just create a script in .xinitrd.d to run my default  
startup app anyway.


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