[Xquartz-dev] 2.4.1_alpha2

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at apple.com
Tue Oct 13 14:56:33 PDT 2009

On Oct 12, 2009, at 23:06, Pelle Johansson wrote:

> 13 okt 2009 kl. 06.49 skrev Andrew Farmer:
>> Also, as soon as I switch back to X11 after switching away,  
>> keyboard and mouse events are no longer delivered (confirmed with  
>> xev).
> I had this problem already in alpha1 (or perhaps somewhere in  
> between, since I build from source). I only realised a few days ago  
> that as soon as I close or minimize all xterm windows, keeping only  
> those from wine, the problem goes away. It is also reproducable with  
> xev and xlogo, but not with xeyes or GTK+ windows.

Is it tied to xterms or any terminals?  I don't use xterm, so if  
that's the case, I would miss it...

That being said, it's quite odd that xterm would have that effect.   
I'll be waiting for more debugging data from someone having this  
issue... quite bizarre...

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