[Xquartz-dev] XQuartz 2.6.0_beta1 crashes on MacBook Air

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at apple.com
Wed Oct 27 10:16:37 PDT 2010

Ok, it sounds like I'll need to replicate your setup with KDE to trigger it (unless we can find another reproduction case).

What version of KDE do you have?  How did you get / build it?  Can you easily package it up and place it somewhere for me to download?

On Oct 27, 2010, at 02:11, Christof Wolf wrote:

> On Wednesday 27 October 2010, xquartz-dev-request at lists.macosforge.org wrote:
>> That's the only one that jumps out at me because it's in damage, and your
>> crash is in damagePolyFillRect.
>> Can you explain to me what you do to cause the crash?  Your intial email
>> just said, "but at the end X11 crashes"
>> Does it happen when you quit?  Do you need to run some applications first,
>> or does quitting first cause a crash too?
> Jeremy,
> I start X11. The KDE first start up screen comes up, one Xterm and the KDE 
> panel bar. Then it crashes. I don't start anything or quitting anything.
> Christof
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